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College students use their rooms for everything: studying, relaxing, entertaining, dining — there’s a lot to squeeze in. To make the most of such a small space, dorm rooms need to be organized and inviting — no easy task in such a limited area. To the rescue: These dorm room ideas will take your space from basic to beyond.

Some of the ideas on our list focus on making the best use of every available inch in the dorm room. These are often strange spaces — some have lots of shelf space but no closets, others have cavernous closets with no shelves, and so on — so we have tips for making the most of whatever comes college-issued. (Remember, removable hooks are your friends!) Once you have the organizing bones in place, then you can spruce up the space with whatever you want, from removable wallpaper to decorative pillows — anything that makes it feel a little more like home. The best things you can buy do double duty, like an ottoman that provides seating and gives the room a burst of color, but also secretly offers additional storage. With a few hacks, a few DIYs, and a few well-thought-out purchases, you’ll be set in no time. Oh, and don’t forget to use these college dorm room essentials as a finishing touch!


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