Best Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas In 2021

Red valentine nails acrylic 20

When people are asked, “What’s the best feeling in the world,” they simply answer, “Being in love with someone special.” Well, no one would disagree with that. Ideally, there’s a more specific time or day of how you will express your love. However, Valentine’s Day is among the most special days for lovers.

On the 14th of February, every girl is expected to look perfect, whether she’ll have a romantic date with her man or hang out with her friends. Apart from dressing up with pink or red, girls love to get themselves eye-catching, stylish Valentines day nails. Plain red nail lacquer? Well, not anymore. These days, nail art can be one of the best ways to express your feeling.

So, as you pick your best outfit for your much-awaited date this February 2020, why not dress up your nails with the hottest Valentine nails 2020 designs. From golden rhinestones along the edges of a French manicure to minimalist nail sprinkled with red heart accent, let’s which Valentine’s nails will perfectly suit your taste!

1. Fiery Red Heart Nail Art

Red valentine nails acrylic 1

It’s not Valentine’s Day if you see no red hearts around. Well, your nails are no exemption. Show your bold and sexy yet elegant side by trying this Valentine’s nail art. With its rich, creamy red color, you’ll definitely capture everyone’s attention. Then, to add a mysterious aura, the vertical black line is a perfect match for the fiery red heart design.

2. Little Pink Hearts with Playful Stones Valentine Nails

Red valentine nails acrylic 2

If you wish to display your playful personality through creativity, this heart nail art should be part of your Valentine’s. These little pink hearts will boost your excitement to celebrate the heart’s day. With the colorful little stones, there’s no way for you not to show your sparkly personality. Not only that, this Valentine’s day nails art is ideal for day time or nighttime Valentine’s date or hang out.

3. Hombre and Heart-ish Valentine’s Day Nail Art

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Who says ombre appeal is only for hair? This heart nail designs art will help you show your dual personality, from shallow to deep. The ombre design displays how passionate and affectionate you are, while the clear with little heart shapes nails will show your transparency and sincerity. So, let the world discover your real personality with this Valentine’s nail art design!

4. Arty-Hearty Valentines Day Nails

Red valentine nails acrylic 4

Do you want to display how loving you are? These Valentine’s nails are what you need to let your loved ones know your affectionate side. Those artistic heart nail designs will best show the different ways you give love. As for the black nail polish topped with golden details, it’ll help you deliver elegance and style. So, say goodbye to boring nails. Let your nails stand out this Valentine’s Day!

5. Maroon Love with Glittery Magic Nail Art

Red valentine nails acrylic 5

Apart from heart designs, why not use the word “love” in your Valentine’s day nails. Quite lovable, right? That cursive “love” word in your nails will offer an eye-catching appeal. It will show your simple yet sophisticated personality. Then, to cast some spell on your Valentine’s date, the glittery nails will do its job in giving you a magical mood.


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