Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes Ideas

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Deciding on a bedroom color scheme is an important task, as it will dictate how the room makes you feel. Do you want it to be an energizing place to wake up in the morning or a calming refuge from the busy world outside? Colors, patterns, and textures all play major roles in evoking the emotion of a room, as vibrant wallpaper can designate your space as the perfect hub for finding creative inspiration at any hour of the day, while a calming blue paint color can help you breathe easy and lull you into sweet dreams as soon as your head hits the pillow.

The following rooms, designed by some of the world’s most revered designers, serve as inspiration for whatever type of bedroom you’re looking for—and aesthetic. Whether your home is full of global inspiration and antiques or coastal chic flair, these rooms will train your eye to help find the color scheme that will make your heart sing.


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