69 Bathroom Lighting Ideas for All Interior Designs

✔69 bathroom lighting ideas for all interior designs 65

Nothing can beat a well-decorated bathroom when it comes to injecting peace and serenity into the house. This is probably why many homeowners spend so much money in the decoration of their bathroom. They purchase top-notch bathroom essentials and buy the best decorations. They really want their bathroom to be a customised place where they can temporarily get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily life.

Now is the best time to consider bathroom lighting ideas as well. Interior lighting is part and parcel of interior decorating. Today, recessed lighting has taken up a huge place in the interior decorating scene. Recessed lighting allows you to achieve a mood and vibrancy in the room that cannot be achieved by using one source alone. You would want to achieve that cosy ambience in your bathroom with the following bathroom design ideas and tips:

1. Plan bathroom lighting.

Your bathroom should have a window somewhere, and this can be your natural source of lighting. Use that as your starting place to start designing the lighting in the bathroom. During daytime, choose lighting that will compliment natural light coming from the window. You might want to diffuse some of that hard natural lighting glare by using screens or frosted glasses. This will allow soft light to enter into the bathroom.

Now consider your bathroom space. You can try drawing the layout on a piece of paper. Indicate the natural light sources, such as your window and start putting ideas on the paper. Consider the various kinds of lamps available today, and where you can put them in the room. Have a main source installed. You can use this at night when natural daylight is absent. Next would be your secondary source, for your accent lighting. These are the bulbs that you can also use during the day to tie the lighting of the room together.

2. Incorporate decoration into your design decision-making process.

A lot of manufacturing companies encase their bulbs in the most beautiful lamp shades, ceiling downlights or glasses. They make use of the best materials such as wrought iron, a capiz or shade and durable frosted glass. You can find a myriad of designs such as tulip shape ceiling downlights, tear shaped pendant lights or simply flower shaped wall lights. Use your bathrooms decoration to get the best bathroom lighting ideas. Track lights work very well for modern bathrooms. Choose from different design options.

3. Layering and combining.

If you have no idea how to start the installation process, you might want to consider layering lights. This is the process of combining lights based on their purpose. The first thing you should do is choose a good task light. Task lighting fixtures can be ceiling downlights or wall sconces. These are great for interior design work that serves a specific purpose. You can place them close to the vanity counter or the mirror. Task lighting will make it easier for you to do a variety of tasks in the bathroom.

Ambient lighting is another part of light layering. These are usually your typical uplights. They direct light upwards to allow the light to bounce off the ceiling and into the rest of the room. It softens the light and creates a good glow. Next is accent lighting. This is the kind of lighting that will give an additional spark to the lighting of the room. You can choose to dim it or increase the glare depending on your needs.

4. Always go for the energy-efficient option

Interior light does not have to be very expensive, especially not with the existence of energy-efficient lighting fixtures. They make great bathroom light ideas. When buying, always check out the bulb. What sort of bulb is it. Compact Fluorescent Lights or CFL and LED lights are considered two of the most energy-efficient fixtures available today.