Awesome Master Bedroom Makeover 2021

Awesome master bedroom makeover 5

Awesome master bedroom makeover 1

Its taken over 2 years to get it right, but our master bedroom is in the home stretch of completion! When we first built our house I was determined that I wanted Navy Blue Shiplap in our bedroom. See exhibit A below….

Awesome master bedroom makeover 2

I’m not sure if it because you could see the white wall behind it (probably should have painted that blue as well) but I just didn’t love it. I also hated that I felt like I could only have blue bedding for it to match. Almost everything in this room was recycled from previous house. The headboard was actually made from an old door and two fence posts.

Master Bedroom – Stage Two

Awesome master bedroom makeover 3

In our first attempt to give this room the flair it needed, we painted the shiplap white, painted the headboard a dark gray, got new signs for over the bed, new curtains, and new bedding. It was better… but I still didn’t LOVE it.

A real bed!

Awesome master bedroom makeover 4

In November I teamed up with Coconis Furniture to get this gorgeous new bed! I am still so excited to have an actual “big girl bed” haha. I absolutely love everything about this bed. The hardware is such a nice touch! I got new bedding at target and we were getting closer, but it was still missing something.

A Rug of Course!

Awesome master bedroom makeover 5

My go to for finishing a space is choosing the perfect rug from Boutique Rugs. They have the most amazing rugs and something for every style. As soon as I seen this rug I knew it was exactly what I needed for our master bedroom. I love the tassels and texture that it brings to the space. I want to take the carpet out of our bedroom and put in luxury vinyl. (The one were considering) We were going to do it over the holiday weekend, but the more we thought about it we decided to hold off.

We ended up with some water damage on our main flooring in the great-room. So once we get a new patio cover built on the back of the house, all the flooring will need replaced anyway. So I conceded to my husband and agreed to do it all at once. However, long weekends are PERFECT for home projects and I couldn’t let this one go to waste. So while we were at Lowes I picked up some black paint for our bedroom wall. (Yes, I have painted this shiplap 3 times in two years lol – no regrets)

Holy Black Shiplap!

Awesome master bedroom makeover 6

I am in love with the black shiplap! It was just the pop that this room needed! Painting in between the cracks of the shiplap was not fun. But totally worth it! What do you think? Is the Black your favorite of the three?

Our Perfect (to us) Master Bedroom

Awesome master bedroom makeover 7

Awesome master bedroom makeover 8

Awesome master bedroom makeover 9

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