Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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Finding storage ideas for small bathrooms is not always easy. Most small bathrooms have minimal space. Some people even don’t have room for two sinks.

This is why most of the designs for small bathrooms are not practical. Unless you have an extra sink and shower bath, you do not have much choice. You can also build a mini one and use it as a spare room.

It would help if you considered when doing a bathroom design is how ample your space is. Deciding on a plan will help you to realize what you have and what is not possible. Your storage needs will be based on the space available.

Here is a way to determine how big is my bathroom. I was at a home improvement store, and there were many bathrooms of the same size. They all had about the same amount of floor space. This was a bit alarming for me because I am not a person who likes smaller bathrooms.

So the only other way I could consider to make the room bigger was to add a double sink. It makes it easier to have both a mirror and a bathroom sink. After looking at them, I realized that the double sink would not fit into my small bathroom.

How big is my bathroom with just a mirror and a toilet? I didn’t want to have to go to the money and hassle of building a second bathroom. That is why I chose to put in a sink and shower instead. I knew I would have plenty of space for storage in this area.

After deciding on a mirrored vanity and a shower stall, I was left with two things to choose from. I could either put the sink and shower in the booth or use the entire vanity as a bathroom. Now I wonder if putting in a sink and battery is a better option for storage than a full-sized vanity. The thought of putting a sink and rain in the stall made me think that you might have more stuff in the booth than I thought.

When you are looking for storage ideas for small bathrooms, you will have to consider where the walls are going to be placed, how big of a room you have, and what you can fit in the space. Make sure you ask yourself these topics before you begin your bathroom remodel.


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