✔️30 Antique Farmhouse Design Ideas

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 23

Giving your home that unique look can be a troubling task, as you’re unsure how to make your home look unique. There are plenty of home styling blogs out there, but you don’t want to follow the herd. Worry no more! We’ve come with some unique farmhouse ideas to give your home that clean and fresh look that won’t put you over budget and still make your home look as good as new. If you want to add more farmhouse design ideas to your home, check out this epic list of easy and affordable style tips. Here are 40 of the best antique decor ideas to put to use. You can complete some of these DIY projects over the weekend whereas others might take more time and planning — have fun!

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 2

Use soft fabrics and natural tones to create an airy and open space in your farmhouse-inspired home. Credit: https://www.digsdigs.com/

1. An Airy Appearance
Nothing says bright and clean quite like white walls and white linens. This bedroom has the perfect touch of black to make the room feel more “adult” while not overpowering. The place exudes the casual feel of just lying on your bed with a good book after a long day of taking care of chores. What’s great about this design idea is that you don’t have to own a farmhouse for it to work. Use dark accents with light and soft fabrics to make this work in a room. You can also use natural materials to create an airy appearance.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 3

Use copper accents in your farmhouse kitchen to bring warmth to the space. Credit: countryliving.com

4. More Metal
Use a lot of metal around your home, and do this in the kitchen. Replace your kitchen hood with a copper version or just simply cover it with copper sheeting. The copper elements help to warm up a colder space like a kitchen. You can use metal jugs as well, and copper wire baskets to hold your fruit. These aged metal pieces will make the home feel authentic as well. You can mix and match metals as well if this suits your farmhouse style.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 4

Yellow is such a beautiful color in a farmhouse-inspired home – it brings a special brightness. Credit: http://www.decorandmoredesign.com/

5. Sunny Yellow
The great thing about the modern farmhouse decor is that you can mix the old with the new without looking weird together. Using antiques and found objects helps to create that look without having to spend a fortune. In the antique farmhouse design above, even something as simple as three straw hats on the wall may be all you need to complete the look. The yellow touch also helps to make the room glow, and the gingham pattern on the bed helps to pull the whole look together.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 5

Go patriotic with American accessories in your home to make it feel rural, quirky, and fun. Credit: countryliving.com

6. All-American Accessories
If you want to have fun with a quirky and authentic farmhouse, you should incorporate American accessories. You can do this in just one room or a few places. We suggest doing it in the dining room and using this as the party set up. You should use plaid details, hang American flags, and don’t forget the bunting as well. This design adds a beautiful and rural charm to the room, and it will highlight the country style you are going for. You can do this more subtly by including red, blue, and white elements around the home.

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Adding a fireplace to your room will make it ultra-cozy and fill the space with much warmth even when it isn’t burning. Credit: http://www.myparadissi.com/

7. Added Warmth to the Bedroom
There’s no better way to chase away the winter chill than having a fireplace in the bedroom. It can add a subtle glow to the room, inviting after a long day of work. If you don’t want to maintain a fireplace, you can always install a faux fireplace that looks quite real but doesn’t have a chimney attached. It does mean that you’ll be without the roar and warmth of an actual fire, but it will still complete the look. Even just keeping wood logs in the room will make it feel nice and cozy.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 7

Shiplap walls go with the farmhouse aesthetic perfectly, and you can finish it off with a touch of paint. Credit: https://houseofturquoise.com/

8. Shiplap Walls
Do you know what shiplap walls are all about? They are a style of wooden wall siding that consists of long planks that are usually painted white. They’re mounted horizontally with a slight gap between them. Instead of white, you can paint them a warmer color to give the room some glow. The decor idea above went for a pale greenish-grey that can be quite soothing and makes the room look refreshing. You can choose to panel your walls with real wood, or you can try a wallpaper option that’s designed to look like real shiplap.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 8

Add touches of blue patterns into the room to contrast against the more natural tones of the bedding and walls. Credit: https://thistlewoodfarms.com/

9. The Look of Porcelain China
If you are going for traditional colors, deep royal blue and white are a good, classic combination. It’s crisp and clean while still adding color so that the room has some personality. Another great idea is to repurpose old objects for a unique look. In the decor idea above, this collection of old shutters were turned into a design for the wall, adding a beautiful texture and a few off-white shades to balance out the tones in the rest of the room. Bring in blue patterns in the curtains and pillows while keeping the rest in white.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 9

A wooden bedhead is the most beautiful addition to your new farmhouse-inspired room and you can make it yourself. Credit: https://beckysfarmhouse.com/Buckets of Burlap

10. Your Own Headboard
Buying a headboard from furniture can be expensive, especially if you’re trying to budget the look of your home. Have you considered building your own headboard from scratch? We’re not suggesting that you get some experience as a carpenter; instead, we’re meaning that you follow the mantra of using found objects. The headboard looks like a section of a fence, and the “footboard” at the end of the bed is just an old metal washtub. Yet, they fit together quite nicely in giving this room a rustic look.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 10

Quilts are one of the most iconic items of farmhouse interiors, and they are the perfect accent on a bed. Credit: https://comfydwelling.com/

11. Comfy Quilts
It wouldn’t be a farmhouse feel without comfortable quilts all over the place. Covering the back of your couch, folded at the end of your bed, or strewn across a rocking chair, there’s nothing more inviting than the look of a quilt. How you choose to acquire your quilt is up to you: buy an antique one, purchase one that looks old, or learn to make your own. The last idea allows you to make whatever design you like with any colors, so it’s guaranteed that no one else will have a quilt like yours.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 11

Have fun creating a more whimsical bedroom for your children with touches of white and pink and exposed ceilings. Credit: https://homedesignboard.com/category/kids-room/

12. Whimsical Rooms
The farmhouse look can also be applied to a child’s room, no matter their age. It can be adopted, molded, and altered to any look you or your kid is going for, and still works. This white and pink bedroom is very light yet still visually appealing. Setting the bed by the wooden windows grants more light, allows in the fresh air, and gives the room more space. The lovely straw hats on the wall are also a nice touch, and the exposed ceiling strengthens this room’s rustic look.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 12

Elevate your farmhouse design with a statement chandelier hanging from the beamed ceiling. Credit: countryliving.com

13. Stunning Chandelier
Chandeliers are the perfect way to make your farmhouse design feel very elegant. You can go for any chandelier style – vintage or new, and it will make the room feel special. We love this very eye-catching and farmhouse-inspired chandelier from this farmhouse. It uses an old pig feeder and is genuinely a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture. You can create your own one like this using found items. You can probably also find something similar online to order for your house. Chandeliers add warmth and a large amount of light to a room.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 13

Yellow reminds you of springtime ,and this season is such an important time on farms; introduce beautiful pale yellows to your bedroom. Credit: https://comfydwelling.com/

14. Three Cheers for Yellow
We’ve seen yellow before in another bedroom, but it’s worth it to take a look at another room in a different style. The pale yellow is such a springtime color that it can be hard to be in a bad mood when you’re occupying this room. This antique farmhouse design is warm and welcoming. It can be paired with almost any other color. The gauzy white curtains help keep this room light and allow sunlight to make all that yellow glow. Consider adding this color to your home if you want a brighter look.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 14

You have to have touches of burlap in your farmhouse interior, and you can do this with sacks, headboard; even use sacks to store food items. Credit: http://farmhouse5540.blogspot.com/Farmhouse5540

15. A Little Burlap
You may think that burlap is just for sacks, but you can include it anywhere in your home to further that farmhouse look. This empty sack at the end of the bed could store dirty hand towels or even dirty clothes ready for the wash. This four-post bed is an excellent touch for that farmhouse look, as well as the wooden rocking chair right beside it. The nearby lamp makes this the perfect spot to get in some late night reading if you can’t fall asleep.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 15

Wood and wicker go so well in a farmhouse design and bring in many natural textures and warmth. Credit: http://farmhouse5540.blogspot.com/

16. More Wood and Wicker
Getting that country feel means going back to the elements. Incorporate more wooden pieces and accessories to the room or around your home to add a touch of nature to everything. The clean lines are an excellent choice for adding some texture while still keeping the room bright. The great thing about farmhouse decor is that there’s never the need to dress up anything too much. Adding some wicker baskets or furniture will be the perfect way to introduce this style to your home. It also provides useful storage!

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 16

Pick your favorite farm animal and find an item with it on to include in your farmhouse design. Credit: https://www.savvysouthernstyle.net/

17. Incorporating the Farm Life
Why not include some decor and paintings featuring farm animals to complete the farmhouse look? You can hang up pictures of cows or just small collectibles to place around the home. Just be sure you don’t go overboard, or it can start to look a little tacky. You don’t have to stick to only cows either; pick your favorite farm animal and look for pieces in styles you enjoy. Maybe you want a variety of hens and roosters or little chicks. On the other hand, an apple orchard theme rings true to a farmhouse, too.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 17

Repurpose furniture and make it work in your new style by adding extra elements or giving it a new paint coat. Credit: https://www.savvysouthernstyle.net

18. Alternative Furniture
If you’re struggling to find all the furniture pieces that a room may need, always go back to the adage of repurposing. For example, this lovely trunk makes for a great side table for your bedroom. Add an attractive lamp on top and a vintage clock to complete the look. Also, note the wicker’s use to keep everything in place and the background’s rooster sign. These are simple ways to dress up any room that doesn’t require much planning ahead. You can also find interesting items at yard sales or antique stores for your design.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 18

Get inventive with your pieces of furniture, and you could use a chair as a bedside table to add that rustic feel to your home. Credit: https://skonahem.com/

19. Simple Turquoise
As we mentioned, you don’t always need a table when you can use something else as a table. This vintage, turquoise chair works wonders at propping up this simple vase of red flowers, as well as keeping a stack of magazines you can read before bed. The inclusion of a nice turquoise throw on the bed also draws the pieces together, making it feel cohesive. Of course, with such bold colors as these, it’s best to keep the rest of the room a neutral white for balance. Pops of color like yellow and turquoise perfectly complement this style of interior.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 19

Use sliding barn doors to replace your old doors to introduce the farmhouse feel into a room or home. Credit: http://www.carolynefergusondesign.com/

20. Swing Your Problems Away
No farmhouse look is complete without some barn doors, but it can be troublesome to figure out where to put them. They make a great divider between rooms or closet doors. Moreover, since they don’t need to swing open, they’ll take up less space that you can use to move around. The sliding rods are pretty easy to install, and you can use a particular paint job to give these doors that stressed look. These also work well as a divider between a bedroom and the ensuite bathroom if you don’t have a walk-in wardrobe.

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 20

Bring a calmness to your home by including neutral tones and touches of subtle colors around the rooms. Credit: http://toneontoneantiques.blogspot.com/

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 1

Get yourself a free-roaming kitchen island to make the space feel very down-to-earth. Credit: countryliving.com

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 21

You can go bold by mixing bright colors in your farmhouse design instead of opting for the neutral and traditional shades. Credit: http://margotaustin.ca/interiors

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 22

You’ll need to have fun experimenting to find your perfect farmhouse design that suits your style. Credit: http://muskokaliving.ca/

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 23

Get yourself a free-roaming kitchen island to make the space feel very down-to-earth. Credit: countryliving.com

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 24

Find a spot in your home that gets beautiful sunlight and create a little relaxation nook in this area. Credit: http://muskokaliving.ca/

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 25

Leave some spaces wide open so that the light can really bounce off the room and make it feel bright and light. Credit: http://muskokaliving.ca/

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 26

Use soft tones for horizontal stripes in your farmhouse bedroom on either the floors, walls or fabric choices. Credit: http://jennywolfinteriors.com/

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 27

We all associate the color red with a barn and farmhouse so you should use this color in your design as well. Credit: https://www.dailyherald.com

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 28

There are so many beautiful patterns out there that will work in your farmhouse design. Credit: http://www.hometreeatlas.com/

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 29

Use candles and dried plants as your accents around the home on counter tops and mantles. Credit: http://simplybeautifulbyangela.com/

30 antique farmhouse design ideas 30

Create your fake canopy bed by adding sheer curtains or fabric to the roof above your bed. Credit: http://lovegrowswild.com/

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