Aesthete Curator - Norwegian Passport 01 Aesthete Curator - Norwegian Passport 02 Aesthete Curator - Norwegian Passport 03 Aesthete Curator - Norwegian Passport 04

The work of Design Studio Neue has been circulating the net lately who won the design entry conducted by the National Police and Criminal Investigation Service of Norway. The passport was contemporary, but its concept rooted in its identity presented through its Norwegian landscapes. The nice tones used on paper can turn into a night scene when shown under UV light. This thoughtful detail seem to have won over the National Police Directorate.

The design is attractive and sleek, the colors are subtle and abstraheringen of the landscape is exciting. The proposal appears to be designed with great attention to the function of the passport and identity card, and appears to be evident as a document value. The concept is the competition’s most dimmed and stylish solution, and stands out positively. Aesthetically, you have managed to do landscape motives of a distinctive expression. The jury appreciates the solution simplicity.