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BERG Studio has recently joined affiliation with Effektive and now known as Freytag Anderson (a joint partnership of Daniel Freytag and Greig Anderson), an independent design studio for print, screen and environment. Some of their new work is now available on their site. Also BERG’s Edition of 100 project is still available, though their site is still under maintenance, in the meantime you can see their prints here.


Our philosophy is simple. We strive to distil what’s most important and represent this in the most effective, engaging way possible. Good design is the sum of many things; we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who each bring their unique skills to our projects. We foster an environment of experimentation and collaboration, adapting the best of what we know to push boundaries and define new possibilities. Through an organic process of keen observation and bold thinking, we create design that delivers true value and inspires greater connections.